VIDEO: Sid Snitkin from ARC Advisory Group Interviews Bayshore Founder & Chief Scientist Francis Cianfrocca

March 15, 2017

Bayshore's Founder and Chief Scientist, Francis Cianfrocca sat down with Sid Snitkin from the ARC Advisory Group last month for an interview on the state of cybersecurity for the industrial internet.

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What is Industrial Cybersecurity?

March 06, 2017

Defining cyber security has been a major challenge for the industry. Industrial cyber security is primarily about the coming together of the principles of safety from the OT environment and the ideals of security from the IT environment. A lack of clarity in this aspect has made it difficult for end users to understand and identify security as a critical issue that needs systematic investment.

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IoT Gateways: Current and Future Directions

March 02, 2017

What is an IT/OT Gateway?

An IT/OT gateway provides two-way communications that benefits both IT and OT. IT gets visibility into the industrial processes that are driving the business, while OT can access advanced IT applications such as Big Data analytics. Effective IT/OT gateways are critical to developing advanced IoT networking capabilities.

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A Frost & Sullivan White Paper: Cybersecurity in the Era of Industrial IoT

February 21, 2017

Discerning implications of cybersecurity in a converged IT-OT environment

The industrial environment is currently passing through a key phase, where digitization and the idea of and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is beginning to pervade all areas of industrial operation. This ongoing change is poised expand the complex security needs in the industrial infrastructures of the future.

Industrial cyber security brings together the principles of safety from the OT environment and the ideals of security from the IT environment.

In an effort to shed light on the evolution of cyber security, Frost & Sullivan has published a new research white paper titled “Cyber Security in the Era of Industrial IoT”. The research attempts to define, identify, and contextualise security needs in a connected enterprise. The paper’s key intent is to indicate how the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) will close the gap between safety and security that currently exists in industrial processes.

Download "Frost & Sullivan White Paper: Cybersecurity in the Era of Industrial IoT"

Insights from new policy initiatives, industry use cases, and possible solutions presently available in the market have been leveraged. A significant part of this white paper has been entirely devoted to articulating and exploring the best cyber security approach that industrial customers need to establish within their operating environments. This includes a deep dive into the concept of “defense-in-depth” and its implications for a converged IT-OT environment in the future.

The objective of this research endeavor is to emphasise clearly on why we need to move beyond discussions and approach cyber security as an essential and undeniable condition for a connected enterprise.

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The Paradox of the Industrial Internet

February 15, 2017

5 Take-Aways from EMA’s new Industrial IoT Research

As reported by Reuters last year, Marty Edwards, who runs the Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (known as ICS-CERT), warned that his organization observed a significant year-over-year increase in attacks targeting industrial control systems. Edwards said ICS systems are vulnerable because they are exposed to the Internet.

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Breaking Down the IDC Top 10 IoT Predictions for 2017

January 24, 2017

A new IDC FutureScape offers top 10 predictions for the Worldwide IoT in 2017.  The research evaluates 10 emerging trends and ranks them in terms of their likely impact across the enterprise and the time it will take each prediction to go mainstream (meaning the middle of bellcurve of adoption). 

We took a close look and found that the list provides an excellent starting point for enterprises – particular industrials - that are steadily getting pulled toward the Industrial Internet and need to learn more.  Let’s break it down.

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Take These Five Steps Now to Secure Critical Infrastructure

January 06, 2017

Protect industrial systems by executing these simple strategies before the next cyber attack.

Enough already with the cyber finger pointing.  It's Time to Act.

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Hacking Too Close to Home: Why the Vermont Electric Grid “Laptop” Malware Matters

January 02, 2017

The recent political furor over state sponsored hacking took an ugly and dangerous turn, on the morning of December 30th when a tiny Vermont electric utility reported that Grizzly Steppe – the spear-fishing process used to access DNC emails – had been found on one of their systems.

Vermont Governor, Peter Shumlin issued a statement accusing Vladimir Putin of attempting to hack Vermont’s electrical grid, and many others follow suit.

And there appears to be a good chance that the malicious code found on a Burlington Electric laptop is evidence of a state sponsored cyberattack.

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S4 Presentation Preview - Evaluating Active Vs Passive Approaches to Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

December 22, 2016

S4 is coming soon! 

S4 is the largest and most advanced Operations Technology (OT) and ICS cyber security event in the world. It's aimed at the attendee who understands the basics of ICS, IT/OT and cyber security and craves more. More both in terms of the sessions, their fellow attendees and social events.
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Preview Webinar: Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center

December 15, 2016

Webinar on December 20th, 2016 at 2pm EST

Executive Summary for Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center

 The modern data center presents a well-known array of IT related security challenges, but an additional area of risk now arises from the operational technology (OT) equipment required to support and maintain the modern data center. These OT devices, which primarily relate to the physical operations and security of the data center itself, are now being connected to the Internet.

Chris Kubecka will present actionable methods of preventing novel threats, discovering cyber attacks, detecting the level of damage, and rebuilding after a breach. Susan Lutz will discuss a detailed case study of how an enterprise US telecom hardened their data centers against attack.

View the Presentation:   Infrastructure and Data Center Security

Download White Paper:  Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center


Famed Cybersecurity Expert Chris Kubecka 

Chris will share her experiences from two decades of discovering, defending, and rebuilding after cyber attacks on critical infrastructure for military, government, public and private enterprise.
Chris formerly led the Security Operations Centre for Aramco Overseas Company. Her expertise includes smartphone/Android OS exploitation, cyber warfare, process and automated control systems, DNS and IPv6 protocols, cryptography, SIEM’s/correlation engines and cyber-intelligence.  Her career has spanned the US Air Force, Space Command, private and public sector.

Security Industry Luminary Susan Lutz

Susan will share a case study on cyber-hardening data centers for a US-based telecommunications giant.
Susan has over 20 years of experience, including as CEO and Founder of ETSec, a managed security service provider acquired by ANX. Susan was a pioneer in managed UTM gateway and SaaS where she was awarded 9 patents. She co-founded SecureIT, an early information security company acquired by Verisign.

View the Presentation:   Infrastructure and Data Center Security

Download White Paper:  Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center

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