CSO Online: Top 15 security predictions for 2015

By Evan Birkhead |

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December 18, 2015 |

Bayshore Blog Post: CSO Online

December 18, 2015

From Taylor Amerding in CSO Online: Top 15 Security Predictions for 2015

“It’s the most predictive time of the year.” Not that those in the industry – even the best informed – have an infallible crystal ball. It’s that being effective in an ever-more-rapidly evolving threat environment means looking ahead. An accurate prediction can help an organization protect itself better. A wrong one can mean less ability to prevent or respond effectively to a breach that can damage reputation, the bottom line and more.

So, here are some best guesses about 2016 from more than a dozen vendors and analysts:

IoT for ransom

(ThetaRay/Palerra/Blue Coat/LastPass) The Internet of Things will become an ever more fertile attack surface for governments, mercenaries, hacktivists and even terrorists. Many IoT devices lack significant memory space or OS capability, so treating them like endpoint agents will fail.

Getting physical

(Seculert/Imperva/DomainTools/ThreatStream) 2016 will witness the world’s first openly declared cyberwar, where the primary goals of the attackers – hacktivists, nation states or terrorists – are not financial but to cause physical damage in support of terrorist or geopolitical agendas. That will put infrastructure, priceless artifacts and more at risk. Transnational terrorist groups such as ISIS will attempt to attack a SCADA system or critical infrastructure with the goal of inflicting either economic damage or mass casualties.