Bayshore Networks Signs SolutionsPlus Reseller Agreement with Cisco Systems

March 30, 2015

Bayshore Blog Post: Bayshore Products Are Now Available on the Cisco Global Price List

NEW YORK, March 30, 2015 – Bayshore Networks has been selected for the Cisco SolutionsPlus program and Global Price List. SolutionsPlus is a premier program that provides Cisco’s customers, channel partners and sales teams unique with access to third-party products and applications. The Bayshore cybersecurity platform can now be purchased via Cisco’s Global Price List, providing easy ordering, simplified processing and worldwide availability.

Bayshore’s content-aware platform provides an ideal complement to Cisco's network and identity-based security in industrial IoT environments.

"With increasing business imperatives such as connectivity and remote access requirements, cybersecurity for the industrial control systems has to be scaled up to a greater extent and support the adoption of Internet of Things, cloud and big data analytics,” said Naveen Kumar, Senior Industry Analyst for Industrial Automation and Process Control at Frost & Sullivan. “This is very essential for the manufacturing world to reap the immense value toward operations and productivity without compromising security."

"As the evolution of IoT industrial protocols getting stabilized and witnessing increased adoption, robust content aware security platforms like the ones from Bayshore Networks are very crucial to secure industrial networks that are now increasingly exposed to the outside digital world," Kumar explained.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with Cisco to successfully integrate the Bayshore cybersecurity platform with Cisco,” said Francis Cianfrocca, CEO and Founder of Bayshore Networks. “Being selected to be on the Cisco SolutionsPlus program and Global Price List enables an efficient and complete solution for Cisco and its partners to more rapidly deploy Industrial IoE cybersecurity solutions. “

As one of the pioneering member of Cisco’s ISE/pxGrid Ecosystem, Bayshore was the first independent vendor to implement Cisco’s open Security Group Tag Exchange Protocol, or SXP. Bayshore IC™ version 5 platform has successfully achieved Cisco® compatibility certification with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), versions 1.2 and 1.3.

For more information on Bayshore Networks, go to the Cisco Marketplace.

About Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks® is the cybersecurity leader for the industrial Internet of Things. Our award-winning, patented Bayshore platform provides IT departments with unprecedented visibility into OT operations. Bayshore enables Fortune 1000 industrial and enterprise customers to rapidly build and execute policies for OT cybersecurity, M2M communications, manufacturing operations, and robotics automation.

The Bayshore platform is distinguished by its extremely deep content inspection, granular filtering of network flows (including files within files and archives), policy building and enforcement, and its ability to detect, parse and segment industrial protocols. Leveraging these capabilities, Bayshore delivers ROI in areas such as production zone cybersecurity, operational continuity, data protection/data loss prevention, and plant safety.

The Bayshore platform deploys from the cloud, as a virtual machine, or as a gateway hardware appliance. Bayshore has strategic partnerships with leading technology companies including Cisco Systems and BAE Systems.

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Evan Birkhead


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The Mainstreaming of IoT Continues

March 11, 2015

Bayshore Blog Post: Boston Business Journal report

March 11, 2015

Boston Business Journal: CSI Cyber brings cybersecurity into the spotlight

David Harris writes in the Boston Business Journal that "CSI: Cyber" is over the top, but it might be a good thing for Boston's cybersecurity scene.

The new CBS series is trying to make technology — specifically cybersecurity — more dramatic and relatable. The first episode of the show, which debuted on Wednesday and takes place in Baltimore, starts out with some mysterious person or group of people hacking into a wirelessly-connected baby monitor and watching a baby. The baby's parents then discover the kid is gone. It's a parent's worst nightmare.

And it's a good reminder that cybersecurity is a major issue around the world as we get more and more connected.

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Tracking the "Equation Group"

March 01, 2015

Bayshore Blog Post: Dark Reading report

March 1, 2015

Dark Reading: Newly Discovered Master Cyber Espionage Group

Kelly Jackson Higgins reports in Dark Reading that a newly uncovered cyber espionage operation that predates and rivals Stuxnet has been underway since at least 2001. The Equation Group is armed with advanced tools and techniques that include hacking air-gapped computers and a first -- silently reprogramming victims' hard drives, such that malware can't be detected or erased.

Last week researchers from Kaspersky Lab, at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in Cancun, gave details of the hacking operation, which they describe as the most sophisticated attack group they have seen thus far of the approximately 60 such groups they currently track.

The Equation Group also has ties to Stuxnet and Flame, but outranks those attacks, having deployed in 2008 two of the zero-day exploits that were later used by Stuxnet. That suggests the Equation Group provided those exploits to the Stuxnet gang and is the "masters" over them, according to Kaspersky Lab.

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